Executive coach

There is a clarity of purpose, a simplicity, about executive coaching that I love.  I am here to be helpful to the person across the table from me.  That’s it: be helpful.

The people who end up on the other side of that table are looking to get better at connecting and making an impact.  Often, building storytelling capacity is part of the solution.  But not always.  Sometimes they struggle when in front of a group, or the opposite, when delivering tough feedback 1-on-1.  Some folks are unstoppable so long as there is a piece of business to conduct, but stuck when they need to let someone know who they are.  Highly analytical people can can’t be concise, can’t put it in a nutshell, “Ask” people can struggle when it is time to “Tell.”  I could go on.

Wherever it gets hard, the coachee and I dig in.


“Josh helped me take it to the next level.”

“He gave me insightful and even profound feedback in a way that didn’t trigger my defensiveness at all.”
— Partner, The Boston Consulting Group