Keynote speaker

What better way to demonstrate the impact of stories than to have a master storyteller make the case for this game changing tool?  I entertain my audiences with stories that speak to the challenge they face: getting deep and sustained engagement from the people they are dependent on for their success.  I lay out the simple architecture of a story for business, and I provide the storyteller’s rules of the road.

I love customizing my speeches for audiences based on company, industry, career-point and challenges du jour.

Videos of my speaking end up in the proprietary possession of my clients.  Here’s an excerpt from C-Span that’s in the public domain.  It’s a story I told an audience of New Hampshire politicos when I accepted a posthumous award for my journalist father.  Note how I link a family story to my message for these committed pols: like them, my dad had an unwavering faith in the political process.

Josh Broder joins speakers Sen. John Kerry and Sen. John McCain
to accept awards at the New Hampshire Primary Awards Banquet.
Josh Broder accepted on behalf of his father, David Broder. Sep 16 2011.

“The whole audience was laughing”

“…and grabbing for their notebooks to capture the wisdom.”
— L&D Executive, Prudential Retirement