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In Harvard Business Review, neuroscientist Dr. Paul Zak documents an increase, when listening to a narrative, of Oxytocin, the “trust neurochemical.”  (  Skillful storytelling can grab the attention and build the trust of an audience.  And that’s a fertile field in which to plant the ideas you want to take root.  A compelling story that speaks to the challenge at hand is an exceptional delivery system to implant key notions deep in the mind and the heart.

Of course stories come from storytellers.  They are inseparable, and so the two are inseparable in my work.  All my offerings focus on both harvesting and refining stories and on polishing the skills of the storyteller.  Those storyteller skills extend from range and harmony of expressiveness, to emotional availability and control, and the nimble ability to read an audience and adjust.

And the ability to craft a story, and the ability to tell a story both have immense cross-over application.  What’s the “story” I want this Powerpoint deck to tell?  What is the story I want my voice, body, face, use of language to tell about me as I introduce myself to my new team?

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